Start a Russian Steam Game without VPN (alternative workaround)

Start the game the first time with the Russian VPN connection !  After that you can close the Game again and then also close Steam and turn off the VPN-tool. 

It is very important that you start the game for the first time with the VPN-tool!

Then please follow the following instructions in order to play the game without a VPN:

1. Start Steam (without VPN)

2. Go to your Games Library and right-click on your game.

3. Click on “Create a shortcut on your Desktop”

4. Go to your Desktop, right-click on your created shortcut, and copy the number which is displayed at the end of the link
(e.g. 202310)

5. Go into your game folder:

….Steam/SteamApps/common/your game/

Search the folder where the “game.exe” is located. ( the exe file can be located differently depending on the game, so you must browse though the folders and search)

For Example: The Game “THIEF” , the .exe is in:
C:Program Files (x86)Steam/SteamApps/common/Thief/Binaries/Win64 )

Once you found the exe file you create into the same folder a text document (.txt) with the name: steam_appid 

6. Now, just paste the noted number (from the shortcut) inside your steam_appid.txt file and save it.  (be careful not to have double “.txt”)

7. Go back to Steam and at the buttom left corner you see “+ add a game” . Click on that and choose “add a non-steam game to my library”.

8. Now browse and choose from your game installation path
(Steam/SteamApps/common/your Game/) the “Game.exe” file.

9. Check your Steam Game Library – the new added game should show up. Double click on it and the Game will start without VPN.

10. The short-cut you created on your desktop at the beginning can now be deleted if you want.


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