How to make Russian Steam Gifts Region Free

Written Instructions:

  • Connect to your russian VPN.
  • Go to: and create a new Account for ru gifts. (You need to do this only once, and you can use that new russian steam account for all future ru gifts.)
  • When you are done, click on the activation gift link and activate the gift on the new ru steam account. Be carefull to use an E-Mail address which is not already verified with a Steam Account.
  • Log into the Steam Programm / Client with your new russian steam account.
  • Go to Settings -> Account and click on “verify my email address”
    – So you go then to your mail account and verifiy the E-mail.
  • Log out of the Steam Client and directly Log in again into the new ru account.
  • Click on settings -> Family -> Authorize this computer. Click/ Choose your main steam account where you want to play the game.
    Click on “-> Authorize this computer”
  • Then log out of the russian steam account.
  • Disconnect from the VPN.
  • Log into your normal steam account and at the bottom of your game list you will see the game. You can play it without russian vpn.For future gift activations you simply activate the ru gifts direclty to your ru steam account and you can play on your normal steam account.

How to get a Russian VPN:

Russian Steam Gifts / Keys can be activated on Steam by VPN. We advise you to buy such a service because you need a stable connection.

There are many VPN services available in the internet. We can recommend two of them which are well known for ease of use, speed and low cost. and, they cost only around 5$ per month. You will only require a one time activation, so a 1 month service with Russian server is more than enough for this process.

However, if you prefer using a free (but unreliable) VPN Tool, you can follow the instruction below.

Instruction for free Russian VPN:

Two options:

2) Download the software called „OpenVPN“. You can download OpenVPN by clicking HERE. After downloading, you will need to install the software.

After installing the software, you will need to get a free VPN service which you can connect to. You will be using a free trial of a VPN service called ‘InCloak’. In order to get your VPN files, you need to do the following:

  1. Visit the InCloak website by CLICKING HERE.
  2. On the webpage above, enter a valid Email Address (you can use for a quick   email address) and press the “Send Me Code” button.
  3. In the email they send you, you will be sent a number. Copy this number, and enter it HERE, in   the box titled “Get the VPN access“.
  4. Click the ‘Connect‘ Button on the website.
  5. Select computer (Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc) Windows (OpenVPN) and press next.
  6. Select compatibility (TCP, most stable connection) and press next.
  7. Press the Download Config button.
  8. You will be prompted to download a zip file. Download this ZIP file and extract it.
  9. Open the ‘Windows’ folder from the ZIP file that you just downloaded and copy the config folder   into C:Program Files/OpenVPN (replacing any existing files)

Start the OpenVPN software by navigating Start -> All Programs -> OpenVPN -> OpenVPN GUI (Important: Run as ADMIN!)

In the windows tray at the bottom right corner of the screen, right click the OpenVPN icon, and navigate Russia, Saints-Petersburg (or any other russian server that is listed)

-> Connect

After the program connects, the computers in the tray icon will turn Green. Now start steam and log in. Double-Check if you are really connected like shown in the youtube video.

Troubleshooting / FAQ:

Q: My Game is not in my Games Library , where is it?
Sometimes while activating the gift, it can happen that Steam puts the Gift in your Gift Inventory. Please look there and activate from the Gift Inventory into your Games Library.

Q: My Gift was placed in the Gift Inventory. I try to transfer the game to the Games Library, but steam tells me that I am not in the right region. But I am connected to the russian vpn.  What can I do now?
A: Solution 1: Log out from Steam, re-start the russian vpn. Or try another VPN with a different IP, and try again. It will work after a few times, Its just a Steam Bug.
Solution 2: Create another Steam Account sent the Gift to your E-Mail and simply repeat the proccess.

Q: While activating the Gift, Steam is „scanning for license updates“, and it takes so long. What can I do?
A: Cancel the search, restart Steam. You will find the game in your Gift Inventory, from there you put it into you Games library.

Q: Is it risky to activate Russian Steam Gifts?
A: Yes, Steam could Region Lock the Family Share any time, and then all of the activated RU Games wouldnt be playable anymore without VPN. So use this Method with caution !

Q: I accidently activated the russian gift / key into my main Steam account. What can I do
now to play the game without russian VPN?
A: There is still hope to play without using VPN. But it its a bit tricky, and it is not guaranteed that is works, as it varies from game to game. Click here to try the „Alternative Workaround“

Q: My Game is not playable with the network functions while running onFamily Share. Is there a way to play the game fully functional, but without russian VPN?
A: Yes, you can do that by following the „Alternative Workaround“.

How to make Russian Steam Gifts Region Free

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